My report!

What I did well: I think I done really well in english, ilearn, P.E,  S.O.S.E as I got all highs in them, so I am very happy with that.

What do I need to improve on: I didnt do as well in Maths and French, which is something I need to improve on as I got 2 mediums on each of those.

All the rest of the subjects I got 1 medium on.

I also need to work on my behaviour and use of class time because they are mostly what I got mediums on.

I think I need to start working harder in class and stop mucking around and get the work done.

I am pretty happy with my report this term though but hopefully the next one i can improve a bit more on it.

Where does our water come from?

Our water comess from rivers or a water plant, it goes through various pumps and stages to make it drinkable.

The five steps used to make our water eventually drinkable are:
1. It firstly comes from the river and then through the the otways systems

2. Then at the otway plant they do all the cleaning to the water that needs to be done

3. Chemicals are then added to the water to clean it

4. The water then begins the filteration process

5. They disinfect the water, so finally it ready to drink and it travells to your house and come out all your taps as safe clean water to drink!!


Websites that are reliable or not reliable?

Not Reliable

Tree octopus is a hoax( internet filtering tells us)

Clonaid is founded by somebody who thinks he is the mesiah

Asks for credit card details (but isn’t selling anything)

dihydrogen monoxide is water

links only to its own sites

Asks for info that will post online


professinal facts and information

includes history of the site and the author of the site was given

includes historical references

scientific evidence

lots of info

links to and from external sites


The things wrong with the Warrnambool collage post was:

Mary Fitzgerald being the principal

It said only 110 students

605 fulltime teachers

Also it said jonathan brown and tony abbott went to this school

School colours are green and orange

The houses are Telfast, Childers, Flagstaff, Hopkins, Logans and Merri.

The colours of the houses were Belfast – Green; Childers – Yellow; Flagstaff – Blue; Hopkins – Red; Logans – Purple; Merri – Orange.



My animal is very small so it can hide from predators and fit in small places. It moves by its four legs which you cannot see as it long fur covers them. It eats bugs such as: flys, beetles, ants and etc. Its nose is stickey so it simply puts its nose on food, then it stick to its nose, than his tongue comes out on his nose and eats it up. It keeps nice and warm with its fur but in the summer it sheds its long fur. It shelters under trees and big leaves, also underground because they are very good diggers. It defends itself from predaters by hiding since its so small its very easy to do. Its kind of like a rat but its not. My planet was tr@ctiol. I have named my animal the stickey nosed fur rat! The planet Tr@ctiol is very hot and dry, water is found underground which is why i made my animal be a very good digger!!!